Social Media Strategies Course

The Social Media Strategies eCourse is intended for people who are looking for effective ways to use their social media platform to increase engagement and income while growing their following.

Each module focuses on a major social media platform and contains 5 – 6 lessons sharing ways to increase engagement and click-through-rate, identifies ways to monetize that platform, shares tips for gaining followers that will like the type of content you create, and sanity-saving scheduling tips. The 4 modules contain easy-to-follow video tutorials and actionable steps that you can begin taking today on your social media accounts.

The course includes over 50 screen-shares walking you through how to implement the strategies in each lesson and weekly Q&A sessions to address any questions that you have on implementing the processes on your accounts.

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Module 1: Pinterest

  • How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account and Boards
  • How to Create Engaging Pins
  • Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Site from Pinterest
  • Growing Your Pinterest Following
  • Monetizing Your Pinterest Account
  • Pin Schedulers

Module 2: Twitter

  • Optimizing Your Twitter Account
  • How to Extend Your Reach with Twitter
  • Ways to Make Money on Twitter
  • How to Grow Your Twitter Following
  • Twitter Schedulers

Module 3: Facebook

  • Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Account
  • How to Extend Your Reach On Facebook
  • Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page
  • How to Grow Your Facebook Following
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts

Module 4: Instagram

  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Account
  • How to Optimize Images for Instagram
  • Ways to Optimize Descriptions for Instagram
  • Engagement Tips for Instagram
  • How to Monetize Your Instagram Account
  • Tips for Growing Instagram
  • Scheduling Tips for Instagram

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