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  • Have you been blogging for a while, but feel like your site isn’t taking off even though you work hard at it?
  • Have you reached a blogging plateau and you just can’t figure out how to break through to the next level?
  • Do you have quality content, but feel like your site isn’t getting the same attention that other bloggers who create similar content do?
  • Have you tried adding affiliate links and/or ads, but don’t feel like you are making as much as you could be making?
In the Complete 12 module Strategic Blogging Intensive Course, I will teach you not only what to do to grow your blog, but the why and the how behind my methods. You can immediately begin to personalize the strategies for your blog and audience.

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I originally created my blog, Premeditated Leftovers, as an extension of my volunteer work as a budget counselor. When my husband was forced to take a 20 percent pay cut, I decided to transform my site from a part-time hobby blog into a full-time business. What I discovered was that working harder and longer without changing my strategies did not result in an increase in traffic or income. It turns out that the reason my blog was stagnant wasn’t because I wasn’t working hard enough or putting in enough hours. It was because I wasn’t working effectively.

Increasing social shares will not result in more traffic if you are not engaging your followers effectively. Placing ads and affiliate links on your site will not increase your income unless you strategically select the types of ads and links, as well as your placement. I developed strategies to increase the traffic to my site and implemented methods to increase my revenue across not only on my site but my entire platform.

The Strategic Blogging Intensive Course - a 12 week course designed to help bloggers increase traffic and monetize their blog

I had been stuck at about 150,000 page views for 2 years and my stats didn’t improve no matter how hard I worked. Then I started being very strategic about what content I created, when I published it, and how I shared it across my platform. With the effective techniques that I employed, I was finally able to break through that ceiling. I doubled my traffic in 2 months and continued to steadily increase my traffic until I was soon receiving over a million page views each month.

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My blog’s revenue had averaged less than a $1000 a month for years. As with my blog traffic, once I began effective strategies for monetizing my site, my income grew at a faster pace than my blog traffic. Once I started being tactical in my ad placement and more calculated in my affiliate usage, my revenue increased rapidly. In less than a year of implementing my monetization methods, my site was bringing in over 10K a month and that was with me turning down a lot of offers that I didn’t feel were a good fit for my long-term goals for my site.

I have spent the last two years teaching other bloggers how to increase their traffic and revenue so I could be sure that the strategies were not unique to my site. I am now confident that the techniques I use can be implemented by a wide range of bloggers. Will you have the same level of success? I can’t make any promises, but I will openly share my techniques with you in over 100 videos. I also provide a weekly Q&A session to help you adapt my strategies to your niche and employ my approach on your blog and social media accounts.

The Strategic Blogging Intensive Course

The Strategic Blogging Course is designed to help established bloggers implement blogging and social media strategies to increase traffic to their site and effectively monetize their platform. The goal of the course is to help bloggers make enough money to work from home while making a meaningful contribution to their household income.

Buy the Strategic Blogging Course before 12/21/2015 to receive the $97 introductory price.

Click the button to buy the Strategic Blogging Course for the sale price of $297.

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Who the Strategic Blogging Course is designed for:

The Strategic Blogging Course is designed for established bloggers who have either reached a plateau or are trying to figure out how to break through to the next level both in blog traffic and blog income. This course is primarily designed for Food Bloggers, DIY Bloggers, Education/Homeschool Bloggers, Parenting Bloggers, Frugal Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Kid Activities/Craft Bloggers, Gardening Bloggers, and Home Management Bloggers. Essentially, it is designed for bloggers who are creating quality content and want to expand their reach.

What the Strategic Blogging Course is not:

The Strategic Blogging Course is not a beginner’s “how to start a blog” course.  This course is also not designed to optimize micro-niche websites.

What will we do in this course?

First, I’ll tell you what we won’t do: We will not start this course by looking at your site design. In fact, I don’t touch on site design until the last module. Why? Because redesigning a site is a great way to procrastinate. It’s a stumbling block that prevents forward movement. Instead, I will start by giving you blogging tips and monetization tips that you can apply to the very next post that you write.

Each module will include 3 – 6 lessons, instructional videos, and printables. We will have a weekly online meeting to discuss the material, provide additional insight, do hot seats, and answer questions. We will also have an exclusive Facebook group where we can discuss concepts, share wins, and address questions throughout the week either in comments or in Facebook Live sessions. There will not be any busy work! Your assignments will be implementing what you learn on your blog.

How will the course be structured?

The entire course is available to you immediately to work through at your own pace. We will also have a weekly online meeting, where we will discuss strategies for implementing the concepts for your niche. This will be followed by a Q&A.

When will the Course Begin?

You can begin immediately.

How Much is the Course?

The complete 12-week is $297. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Buy the Strategic Blogging Course before 12/21/2015 to receive the $97 introductory price.


Overview of the Strategic Blogging Course:

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Module 1 – SEO for Regular Bloggers

In module 1 we cover the types of keywords, how to find keywords, how to choose keyword phrases, how to optimize a post for more than one keyword phrase, how keywords can positively impact ad income even when you aren’t on page one of the search results page, and how to use keyword phrases in social shares.

Module 2 – Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

In module 2 we cover how to optimize a post for SEO, elements of a good post title, how to optimize post images for SEO AND social media, how to make better meta descriptions, authentic link strategies, and more.

Module 3 – Increasing Social Media Engagement

In module 3 we will discuss ways to increase engagement on your social media channels, how to create pins that drive traffic to your site, how to use Twitter to attract brands, ways to use Facebook even when it isn’t bringing you a lot of traffic, why you should use Instagram and more.

Module 4 – How to Monetize your site with Ads

In module 4 we cover the different types of ads, why the type of ad is important, where to place ads, how to create passback ad tags, how to set up waterfalls, how to turn off ads, which types of ads you should avoid, how to find ad networks, and how to create passive ad income without annoying your readers.

Module 5 – Monetizing with Affiliate Links

In module 5 we cover how to incorporate affiliate links into a post, where to place affiliate links to increase click-through rates, how to find affiliate programs, how to use affiliate links on social media, and more.

Module 6 – Sponsored Posts and Ambassadorships

In module 6, we cover how to find sponsored posts, creating sponsored posts that your readers will enjoy, how to set prices for sponsored posts, best practices, and more.

Module 7 – Sponsored Content on Social Media

In module 7 we cover ways to monetize your social media channels, types of sponsored content available to bloggers on social media channels, where to find social media work, and best practices for paid work on social media.

Module 8 – Growing Your Social Media Platform

In module 8 we cover authentic ways to increase your following on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Module 9 – Growing Your Email Subscribers List

In module 9 we cover tips for increasing your open rate, passive ways to increase email subscribers, creating a campaign to increase your newsletter subscribers, ways to monetize your newsletter, and ways to leverage your social media to increase email subscribers.

Module 10 – Blog & Time Management Techniques

In module 10 we cover creating a long-term editorial calendar and how to develop a plan for updating old posts, but we also explore scheduling tools, discuss what to automate, and present ways to recycle content to maximize its use across your platform.

Module 11 – Creating a Product

In module 11 we cover product creation including writing an e-Book, writing a “real” book, offering a service, selling your own product, the technical aspects of selling these items, time management tips to help you find time to create your product.

Module 12 – Blog Design

While we cover some elements of the technical side of blogging such as sidebars, widgets, and plugins throughout the course as appropriate, we will wait until module 12 to cover blog design in depth. We will cover things that you should consider when redesigning your site and branding your entire platform.

The benefits of the Strategic Blogging Course


You will receive access to my Social Media Strategies Course so you can dive deeper into the social media accounts that you are most interested in developing.

You will also receive access to my Effective Blog Monetization Strategies Course so you can jump into diversifying your income.

We will also have special webinars with subject matter experts so we can dive deeper into the topics that will help you grow your site and increase your revenue.

Although the complete course is on sale for $297.00, you will receive lifetime access to the Strategic Blogging Course and the Bonus Material.

Buy the Strategic Blogging Course before 12/21/2015 to receive the $97 introductory price.


If you experience any problems purchasing this course, please email me at and I will help you resolve the issue. After purchasing, be sure to check your spam folder for emails from Strategic Blogging Academy and be sure to white list us, so you don’t miss out on any of our lessons or meetings.